LeSin Vodka | Charles Michael Vaughn

Charles Michael Vaughn is the Founder and CEO of LeSin Vodka, his crowning jewel.

The World’s Sexiest Vodka

Distilled from grain wheat, patience, and an artful eye, LeSin Vodka is a seductive blend of the romance and sexiness of France. A true indulgence to enjoy responsibly when celebrating life’s finest moments.

Founded in 2009 along the banks of the Charente River in Cognac, France – LeSin Vodka refines the purity and smoothness of how vodka was meant to be.

LeSin Vodka North America embodies the sexiness of the LeSin brand through our events, promotions, and alignments with other brands/products. With offices in New York, NY and Las Vegas, NV, LeSin Vodka is mounting an aggressive marketing and promotion campaign for 2018.

LeSin Vodka | Brand

The marketing strategy for LeSin Vodka is to effectively establish the brand as the world’s sexiest Vodka. The goal is simple – to bring back the elegance, charm, respectability, class, and grace of what sexy is. At LeSin Vodka, we have a five-step process that we call it “FLIRT”.

  • F              Familiarization – When someone first experiences your brand and they become familiar with your existence.  The goal is to create packaging and an aesthetic that catches the consumer’s eye.
  • L              Learn – After someone meets you, they read your labels or ask questions.  They learn about your origin and your brand story.  You get a sense of the brand after seeing and reading a bit more about the product.
  • I               Interact – They consumers like what they see so they like and follow you on social media and begin sharing, tagging, and commenting on your videos, stories, and pictures.
  • R             Relate – When the consumer likes the message and feels connected to the brand.  You’ve established yourself as a brand they can relate to.
  • T              Transact – The final step in the process.  You’ve established a solid foundation with the consumer.  You are relevant and relatable to the consumer.  The final step is them purchasing your product.

As the founder and CEO of LeSin, Charles Michael Vaughn has had great success with this method. It acts as the catalyst to establishing a long-term loyalty brand.