As a business owner with his own unique approach to running a business, Charles Vaughn has made a few appearances in the media as of late. More specifically, he appeared in interviews, articles, as well as press releases.

Exclusive Interviews

In recent years, Charles Vaughn kept himself busy by promoting his distilled spirits brands. One of the methods he opted for was appearing in a few entrepreneurial interviews. As such, he appeared on both Inspirery and Ideamensch to discuss LeSin Vodka, his latest distilled spirits brand. On Inspirery and Ideamensch, entrepreneurs, business owners, and doctors are invited to discuss their professional career. In addition, these guests are given an opportunity to discuss their early lives, education, and the decisions they made to end up in their current careers.

For Charles Michael Vaughn, he discussed similar topics. Charles went in-depth to discuss how he runs his business. He believes in having a team of togetherness and they all share a stake in the brand. In addition, he believes that he is responsible for everyone within the organization. He also discusses where the idea for LeSin Vodka originated as well as how he brought an idea to fruition.

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Feature Articles

Aside from the interview appearances, Charles Vaughn also guest starred in a few feature articles. On Patch, he discusses some of the tips and pointers he’d give to entrepreneurs that are just starting out. As a business owner himself, Charles remembers just how tough it was to start his own brand. On top of that, he has first hand experience helping and assisting other companies from concept to market. On Prague Post, Charles discussed the history and evolution of the distilled spirits industry as well as National Vodka Day. With over 17 years of experience in the distilled spirits industry, he has truly learned the ins and outs of the industry itself.

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LeSin Vodka Enters The US – Bar Business Magazine

LeSin Vodka the world’s sexiest ultra premium vodka unveiled plans for it’s spring launch into the United States. Crafted for savvy ultra premium vodka consumers and influencers, LeSin Vodka will be aligning with and creating the sexiest events this year.

Charles Michael Vaughn | Crunchbase

As a business owner, Charles Michael Vaughn of LeSin Vodka has a unique approach to how a business should operate than most entrepreneurs. …

Charles Michael Vaughn | Inspirery

Charles Michael Vaughn is the President and Founder of LeSin Vodka. He also owns a federal and state licensed distilled spirits import company. He has created two of his own distilled spirits brands. In addition, Charles Michael Vaughn established LeSin Vodka, an ultra-premium vodka brand produced and imported from Cognac, France.

Charles Vaughn – President and Founder of LeSin Vodka

Embrace sharing ideas with your team to flush them out and bring them to market. Charles Michael Vaughn is the President and Founder of LeSin Vodka. LeSin Vodka is an ultra-premium vodka made in France. The brand came to life as a reflection of his lifestyle.

Charles Michael Vaughn on the Rise of National Vodka Day | Prague Post

While October 4th may be just another day for the vast majority of the people, individuals like Charles Michael Vaughn know that it is not. This vodka and tequila maker is one of the many folks who celebrate the day as the National Vodka Day. In fact, those who reside in Pittsburgh, for example, go…

Charles Michael Vaughn on Establishing a Luxurious Spirit Brand

When venturing into the field of luxury spirits, there are some common factors that can be seen. These include things like a high-quality beverage, state-of-the-art packaging, unique design, and so on. Thus, to enter the industry, one must be willing to dedicate a lot of time and capital to create their business model and find a winning product.