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Despite being busy managing his own brands, Charles Vaughn LeSin Vodka still takes time to read, research, and write. In addition, Charles has written and published numerous works. His passion for distilled spirits grew further than he ever imagined. More specifically, he enjoys writing about ways to start a luxury distilled spirit brand, latest trends in Vodka, and food recipes that incorporate Vodka. Furthermore, Charles Michael Vaughn has covered a wide array of other topics as well. More specifically, he blogged about healthy diets that involve Vodka as well as five easy drinks that you can make at home.

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5 Drinks Every Young Professional Can Make At Home – Charles Michael Vaughn | LeSin Vodka

Drinking is as much a part of the young adult experience as going to work. For young professionals, paying a visit to a local bar may not may not always be a viable option. Fortunately, there are dozens of drinks …

History of National Vodka Day – Charles Michael Vaughn | LeSin Vodka

National Vodka Day is an unofficial holiday in the United States, celebrated on October 4. While it’s origins are obscure, it has been revealed as a marketing creation of Nir Knaan that has been celebrated since at least 2009. Such …

History of Distilling Vodka – Charles Michael Vaughn | LeSin Vodka

The history of the distillation process of vodka and other spirits is not entirely clear. The majority of historians conclude that the 13th-century is the most likely time period in which people began to distill alcohol. Wine and beer are …